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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:


Renewal of a Prescription using Patient Portal

  •   Refill from an account

  •   Refill From Prescription Number

  •   View Prescription Status


Transfer a Prescription

Talk to one of our friendly pharmacy staff members on transferring your prescription and we'll gladly take care of the rest for you. ** SOME PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS CONNOT BE TRANSFERRED**

Medication Reviews

Our friendly pharmacists can do a review and assessment of all you current prescriptions, medications, over the counter medications and any vitamin and natural care products you are taking, to make sure your health safety is assured.

Organization of your Medication

We use custom pill packaging to create an easy and safe alternative for people with compliance issues or are on multiple medications.

Treatment of Minor Ailments

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Access All Your

Info Online:


Prescription Refills
Medication Profile on Your Phone Using Our Pharmacy APP

We are a member of PCCA, The Professional Compounding Centers of America.  Our staff are trained to compound specialty medication's to meet your individual needs. We can help with difficult medication delivery.

Examples include:

Developing formulas for medication's to be applied to your skin rather than taking it orally, therefore reducing adverse GI upset and sideffects,

Flavouring medication's, 

making medications that are no longer commercially available. 

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